Affirmations for protection against Corona virus

Affirmations for protection against Corona virus

Affirmation 1-

I have a clear nose,

Affirmation 2-

Clear throat and clear chest.

Affirmation 3-

I have a strong IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Affirmation 4-

I am fit fine and healthy.

Affirmation 5-

My immune system is very POWERFUL. 

Affirmation 6-

I have a strong resistance power.

Affirmation 7-

It protects my body and keeps me in perfect health. 

Affirmation 8-

Knowing that my immune system responds to my every thought, I choose HEALTHY THINKING . 

Affirmation 9-

I think only loving, positive and creative thoughts that enhance and support my immune system. 

Affirmation 10-

I LOVE and APPRECIATE my fortifying immune system.

Affirmation 11-

l Love and APPROVE of myself.✅ l am truly BLESSED.

Affirmation 12-

My ENERGY can only do good to me.

Affirmation 13-

l am Truly BLESSED.

Affirmations are auto suggestions we give to ourselves. Keep repeating these sentences after waking up and before going to bed. Take a print of this for all your family members.
In gratitude and abundance… Take care of you and your family 

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