Astrology Vedic Cards are different from normal Tarot Cards. They are more accurate and reliable as they are based on logical system of Astrology. You will see the cards of planets, houses and even signs in this system. When you ask or choose or think any question in your mind and pick up the Vedic cards, it makes the planetary position as per your question. On the basis of planetary position we make a horoscope chart and give you answer accordingly after logical calculations. In Vedic system, Vedic cards reading is powerful process to get your answers. If you have a question in your mind you can take help of astrology Vedic cards reading and get a straight and more accurate answer here.


What kind of queries can be handled through Vedic card Reading?
1.👉When will I get married?
2.👉When will I buy a new car?
3.👉Will i get admission in good college?
4.👉 Is my partnership with person A going to be fruitful?
5.👉 When my mother recover from illness?
or any question you have in your mind.

Terms and Conditions to get Free Vedic card Reading :-
1.👉 The free reading will be provided to genuine people. Please ask only serious question for accurate reading. 
2.👉 Only one question will be answered. 
3.👉 Person has to provide right email address for correspondence. 
4. 👉 Answer will be provided by Reader. 

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ट्विन सोल्स का संवाद कैसे होता हैं?

आखिर कैसे होता हैं ट्विन सोल्स का संवाद? आइये जानते हैं!   ट्विन सोल्स एक ही आत्मा के दो भाग होते हैं! यदि इन्हे संवाद या बात करनी हो, तो इन्हे शब्दों की भी जरुरत नहीं होती!  अगर ये कम्युनिकेट करते हैं, तो इनका कम्युनिकेशन ऐसे होता हैं जैसे मानो दोनों को लगता हैं कि कहने से […]

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Twin Flame

बाते जो ट्विन सोल से आपको दूर कर सकती हैं और रीयूनियन के उपाय

प्रिय शिव शक्ति/ Twin Flame,   मैं यह भाव आपको बताना चाहती हूँ कि  1- यदि आप ट्विन फ्लेम journey मे हैं,  तो आप यह  समझिये कि आप एक ही आत्मा को  दो भिन्न शरीरो मे बाँट रहे हैं.  2- जब ऐसी आत्माये जन्म लेती हैं तो, एक दूसरे को ढूंढ़ती रहती हैं.  और इनका उद्देश्य अपनी आत्मा […]

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Why Krishna (Bansi Bajaiya / Murlidhar ) always smiles?

Why Krishna always smiles?

Why Krishna (Bansi Bajaiya / Murlidhar ) always smiles? Krishna had so many names like Bansi Bajaiya/GOVINDA/KRISHNA/Nand Lala/ Girdhar Gopala, Chitchor etc. He gave us a great learning which we will discuss here in this article. We will get the reason of why Krishna always smiles? Let’s understand why Krishna always smiles? Dear Friends, whatever […]

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I looked in temples,churches and mosques. But I Found the Divine in my heart.


I looked in temples,churches and mosques. But I Found the Divine in my heart.

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कृतज्ञता –

कृतज्ञता – लोगो को धन्यवाद कहना अपनी आदत बना लीजिये , दुसरो की प्रसंशा निष्कपता से , और बदले में किसी भी चीज की आशा रखे बिना कीजिये। जो भी आपके आस – पास है , उसकी सच्ची प्रसंशा कीजिये , और आप जल्दी ही दुसरो को अपने आस पास पाएंगे।

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