Looking for peace? Finding Peace With God.

Looking for Peace

Finding Peace With God

Looking for peace? Finding Peace With God.

Looking for peace? Finding Peace With God.The words of Jesus, peace be still carry the same authority when first spoke them, they did. Listen to His voice in your very own heart, and he’ll calm your fears. Whether you follow the world news much I don’t know, but if you do, you’ll know about great changes. Wars are a reality for planet earth. War ceases in one nation to start up again in another nation. Governments are continually rising and falling. Daily, food shortages, climate change, upheaval and catastrophe appear to fill our news media. The text foretell these things which are coming on the earth all, and nothing should take us or cause our hearts. Looking for peace? So lets, come on the way for Finding Peace With God .

God has a plan – Finding Peace With God.

God assures us that as the earth goes through these groans waiting for the complete manifestation of the sons of God, we’re to continue our everyday lives, realizing that God has a plan for all of it, which we’re an essential part of his strategy on earth in those days. The Bible says that means hearts will fail them for fear. Fear not, the Bible assures us. We Gods people must possess our hearts filled with peace. We’ve a secret place, a place of permanence in His Presence. Only by abiding in His presence Are Able to we shut out the noise of the chaos all around us, and rest in our hearts realizing that those words, Peace, be still, still carry the same power they did when Jesus first spoke. 

Good will to all men, until there’s peace in the heart of every person –

But there’ll never be peace on earth, good will to all men, until there’s peace in the heart of every man, woman and kid living on the earth, because it’s the unrest emanating from every heart that causes majority of the worlds turmoil. Not until there’s peace in every heart, will there ever be peace to ground. I thank God every day that I live in New Zealand. What a place. And I think it no coincidence that the Bounds of my habitation possess been set by God. Regardless of where you reside, I pray the music of The Secret Place Are Able to be a comfort to your heart in those troubled times. 

Invest some time in the secret place of your very own heart where abides, and listen to his voice to calm your fears. He’ll reassure you that you’re precious to Him, and that cares about you. Let His voice drown out each the other voices clamouring to be heard, and you’ll find your very own place of security and peace in this troubled entire world. Regardless of where you reside, regardless of what’s going on around you, you can live in your very own place of peace.

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