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Our astrologer will take you forward with Tarot Reading. The reader will shuffle the card and will use the tarot card reading. The deck is shuffled and draw card for the Tarot every day as these cards represent different things. As you are done with selecting your cards, the Tarot reading will be interpreted by the astrologer.       

The Tarot Card Reading tells about 3 aspects of a person’s life- Past, Present and Future. The further questions are asked according to questions that you decide you want to question and would like get answers to the problems that you are facing. The astrologer will interpret your card and answer the questions of the current situation.

The 1st Card (The Past): The card represents he situation which you are currently in. It symbolizes a relationship or person in your life that influence your question.



The 2nd Card (The Present): This card shows he current situation that often has direct result in the situation. This part needs all your concentration as for the things that one has previously overlooked.

The 3rd Card (The Future): This card provides direction to face and overcome the issue. One may provide the option that you may not have considered in past which relates to the resources that you may have overlooked.

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