How to remove negative energy?

remove negative energy

Do you want to know how to remove negative energy from our house. How we can identify that there is negative energy in the home. After the entry of negative energy into the wall of the house, it is difficult to expel. There are simple methods of removal of that energy. Generally we get this energy if someone has anger inside or by any person who thinks negative a lot. Try the recommended methods to remove the effect of negative energy in the house . The following measures are written for the effect of negative energy and to know how to remove negative energy .

To remove negative energy follow the below mentioned steps.

Point 1-How to remove negative energy?

Place the basil plant according to Vedic Astrology and Vastu in the house.

Our Vedic history says that it is very auspicious if you have a Banana plant too. This eliminates
the negative energy of the house.

Point 2 –

Sunday day is dedicated to Sun God. On this day, if you put the water in the water, then put some salt in the water. It is useful to look at salt. It is believed that it reduces the effect of negative forces coming into the house. Therefore, salt water is auspicious when it is wiped.

Point 3 –

Vedic astrology says that do not face the idols of gods and goddesses in front of the house. Even the statues of departed ancestors and gods and goddesses should not be placed in front of each other. This situation of statues and pictures creates conflicts in the home environment. Therefore, it should take special care when making a temple or setting up a picture.

Point 4 – 

Burning positives burnt in positive energy in the house like agarbatti or diya.

Point 5 –

Chant the mantra. If you want to more information then you can contact our experienced astrologer and take advantage of the services given on our website

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