Learn home remedies to become rich.

home remedies

How to transform bad luck into good luck? Learn home remedies to become rich

Astrology has many remedies, methods, and things that you can benefit from.

Here we have brought home-based prescriptions for you that will turn your unfortunate luck into luck. Learn home remedies to become rich

You must know the cohorts; they come out of the sea and in decorations are also used. It is used for getting money under the scriptures. Some experiments of cohorts are as follows:

Learn home remedies to become rich-

Point 1

If the promotion is not being done, then offer 11 sea shell (kaudiya) to any Lakshmi temple and duly worship Lakshmi Kuber, the path of your promotion will open.

Point 2

If the shop is not getting cooked or raised, keep 7  sea shell (kaudiya) in the shop and worship them in the morning and evening. Ganesh worshiped. Surely it will start to rain.

Point 3

If you are building a new house then put 21  sea shell (kaudiya) in its foundation. Doing so will not lack the money in your home and there will be peace and happiness in the house.

Point 4

If you have bought a new vehicle, then bundle 7  sea shell (kaudiya) in a black thread and bind them. This will reduce the possibility of the vehicle crash.

Point 5

– If you are going to give interviews, take 7 sea shell (kaudiya) after taking them with you. You will get access to this in the interview.

You may opt below mentioned mantras for the peace, prosperity and wealth

Lakshmi Narayan Mantra:  


   Vishnu Mantra:

The above mentioned mantra is used to worship both Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna. Mantra: “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Namah”

Lakshmi Ganesh Mantra:


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