Mother’s Heart and relation with your son

Mothers Heart

Mother’s Heart and relation with your son- Mother’s heart? How will your relationship with your son be? If you want to know how will your relationship with your son or daughter. When we talk about mother’s heart, it is equivalent to God. It is said that there is no heart like the mother’s heart. Son can be a Kuptra but the mother cannot be a kumata. This proverb has been listening to us from the ages. What is this 100 percent correct? God has given heart to the mother with immense affection. This thing is not unreal. But in many cases we see and many times we heard that a mother sold her baby or, at times, the news become highlight that mother beat her child very badly. On the contrary, many headlines also came to hear that the son took the mother for the sake of money.

If we consider why this happened?Mother’s Heart and relation with your son

 All this was related to the deeds of our previous birth. Whatever we do is Our destiny would be certain of them. If we do any harm to somebody then we have to complete the process of taking it after the death in the next life and the soul determines its relation, that in which relationship he will complete the taking of that person by taking birth. Then that relation can be of a mother-son too. The mother who is selling her son, it means that her son did such an act in the previous birth which was troublesome for her mother.

According to our deeds, we come by writing our destiny, but in astrology, some methods and remedies have been given that you can know about your life and can work on negative effects and know the solution for the problems.

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