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PLANNING TO START A BUSINESS?know what your zodiac sign signifies

Are you planning to start a business? IF YES, Many people in this world desire for doing a business some day. But commencing a business is not that easy. One has to work a lot harder to be successful in business field. As you know business is full of risks. So one who is considering doing a business should firstly do a research and development before undertaking any business project.

Vedic Astrology can help a person in knowing whether a person should go for a business or not, which business sector will be most profitable, will you be able to earn through business or not.

A Vedic Astrologer can know about future of your business with the help of zodiac/sun sign you belong to. Following are the traits of different zodiac signs:


Aries people are most diligent. They are determined about their business undertaking. They are very creative and innovative that they can apply this innovation in the business also which can be successful. They are energetic and enthusiastic but they find bit difficulty in dealing with people, interacting with them.

Aries – Recommended remedy for better results- Whenever material is procured for your business, buy some toys along with it and gift such toys to small children.


Taurus people don’t only consider profit in their business but they also follow certain principles that a businessman must possess. They treat their staff, dealers, supplies, customers well.

Taurus -Recommended remedy for better results – Place a pyramid on your desktop to dispelled negativity from your office.


Geminis are successful business people. They attain great success in business world. They are loud-mouth and they are result oriented people.

Geminis -Recommended remedy for better results- For growth and prosperity, worship lord Shiva. The blessings of lord Shiva will bring prosperity and growth in your business sector.


Cancerians analyse each and every aspect before commencing a business. And once a business is established they take utmost care and do researches in every decision regarding business. Cancer people have tendency to get easily bored with the business.

Cancerians -Recommended remedy for better results- If you are eager to prosper in the business in which you are involved in then you must clean your business premises with the help of the water of Ganga or with the help of cow’s urine.

5- Leo:

Business dealings are easy and successful for Leo. But failures make them nervous. They are very energetic and active people. They are very keen observers and they have a dedicated approach towards their business.

Leo -Recommended remedy for better results- Drawing a swastika with the help of saffron or turmeric paste can also act as remedies for business growth. Lighting a ghee lamp and placing chana dal on jaggery on every Thursdays can also help your business to prosper.


Virgo people are very dedicated towards their business. They aim for effectiveness and efficiency in their business. These people get tensed very easily.

Virgo -Recommended remedy for better results- Wear a sweet perfume and worship your deities before leaving you house for your workplace.


Librians provide quality rather than quantity to its customers. Libra people have good contacts and they take help of others in their business. They have tendency to get aggressive and rude easily.

Librians -Recommended remedy for better results- To attain success in life, always take out first three chapati for cows and dogs. Don’t forget to smear the chapatis with pure ghee.

  • Scorpio:
    Scorpions are laborious and very dedicated people. They aim for huge profits in their business. They look for enthusiasm everywhere in business premises.

Scorpio -Recommended remedy for better results- Remove all rusty metals from your office, it’s a portal of negativity in your business life.


They work hard and hold a dedicated approach towards business. They love to do innovation and creativity in their business.  They aim for good results which motivate them to do more towards their business.

Sagittarius- Recommended remedy for better results- On every Amavasya (no moon day), give dhuni of Rai in your business place to remove negative energy which may result in increase in your sales.

     10. Capricorn:

Capricorn people are pragmatic in nature. They profit as an important factor.

Capricorn -Recommended remedy for better results- It has been found that the most common remedy for business success is to worship Maa Lakshmi regularly and on Friday nights, you must light nine pure desi-ghee lamps in your home as well as in your business establishments.

     11. Aquarius:

Aquarius- They are good business people. Their friends and colleagues help them in achieving business deals. They take too much stress in their business. They keep on thinking about future. Recommended remedy for better results- if problem arises, whenever material is procured for business, buy some toys along with it and gift them to children. You will see positive changes.

     12. Pisces:

Pisces- They get into business where creativity and profitability are required. They aim for achieving more and more and reach at a very high level.

Recommended remedy for better results- Put “dhuni of Rai” in your business place on a no-moon day, then there will remain no doubt that your sales would increase at a rapid rate.

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