Principle of ” Law Of Karma “

Law of Karma

Law Of Karma

This life is working on the principle of Law of Karma. A belief that the soul is eternal and lives after another in one body. The soul is sometimes born in a human body. Sometimes in an animal body and sometimes in a plant body, etc. Hindus believe that a soul is contained by all forms of life. All souls have the opportunity to experience life. The Hindu tradition perceives nature of the universe and everything within its existence. The cosmos follows one cycle inside a framework of cycles. Within this cycle of destruction and creation of the universe, the soul follows wherein souls are reincarnated, its own version of cycle called samsara. 

The Sanskrit word samsara

The Sanskrit word samsara means the passing of souls through worlds- subtle or gross. Samsara means going throughout the cycle of births and deaths. Under the influence of karma, downwards and upwards moves on the wheel of revival, the round of birth, death and revival. , Natchintanai – Only by a mind that is tranquil does one destroy all action, good or bad. After the self is pacified, one attains bliss and abides in the Self. , Natchintanai – samsara’s concept is mentioned in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. The belief in samsara is connected with the Hindu belief in karma. The law of karma states that just as every action has a cause, so actions have reactions which are impossible to escape. 

Karma is the main cause of our particular destiny – principle of Law of Karma

Karma is the main cause of our particular destiny, the law of nature that ensures that we become what we think or do. Misfortunes in our present life are the consequence of acts that we’ve committed in the past. Suicide, in accordance with the law of karma, isn’t therefore an option: karma can’t be escaped or delayed and its effects will only be worse if we try to avoid it. When a caterpillar has come to the end of a blade of grass, it reaches out to another blade, and draws itself over to it. At the same way the soul, having coming to the end of one life, reaches out to another body, and draws itself over to it. 

A goldsmith takes an old ornament. And fashions it into a brand new and more beautiful one. As it leaves one body, looks for a brand new body which is more beautiful. The soul is divine. But through ignorance people frequently identify the soul with the mind, the senses and the emotions. Many people even identify the soul with the elements of earth, water, air. Space and fire. As people act, so that they become. They become good, if their actions are bad, they become bad. Good deeds purify people who perform them, bad deeds pollute people who perform them. Therefore we might say that we’re what we desire.

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