Tarot Reading for Career Success

The tarot has been used extensively for career advice by people of all different backgrounds. Many people consult a tarot reader to help them interpret their cards but with today’s technology, you don’t have to pay for a tarot reader nor do you have to be a tarot expert to get career guidance. You may be raising an eyebrow about this as I once did, but let me explain how a free online tarot reading could actually help you get square with your passion and find success. Read a brief history of the tarot here.

Every time you let someone in between you and your personal spiritual guidance, you’re adding another filter. In the case of a tarot reader, they are only able to meet you as deeply as they have met themselves, which means if they aren’t clear of their own psychic debris, it can cloud the advice they give you and the way they interpret the cards for you. You don’t want someone’s bad day to interfere with your long-term vision and that’s why there’s an argument for DIY divination.

The reason we know you can do this is because your truth is already within you, it always has been. The tarot merely helps you tap into your own intuition and spirit. You will feel when you’re tapped in because it will make you feel light and excited, safe and expansive. Just as sitting in front of a tarot card reader who is giving you fear-based advice will set off warning bells that you shouldn’t follow their advice, if your own ego is interpreting the cards, you’ll feel confused and off. When you’re tuned in, the card interpretations in your free online tarot will speak to you and the ideas will start to flow as the tarot helps you connect the dots.

Are You Frustrated With Your Job?

How do you know when it’s time to shift careers? If you find you’re dragging yourself out of bed in the morning (and it’s not because you stayed up too late), chances are, your subconscious is trying to tell you that you’re discontent with your job. If you find yourself watching the clock, wishing it were the weekend, or literally dreading being at work, you can safely assume you are not working in alignment with your soul’s purpose. As you read these words, you may even feel a gentle opening within you as if a sleeping energy is finally waking up.

When you take the first step by getting a free online tarot reading, it doesn’t mean you have to be absolutely sure you’re ready to make that change. But, if you feel an inner longing for something deeper, more meaningful, and fulfilling, you truly have nothing to lose in seeing what may open up for you in a free online tarot reading.

How can tarot reading help your career?

Anyone with common sense is going to be curious about how a free online tarot reading can help their career. In fact, it can help improve your enjoyment of your current career if you are not seeking a full industry change. It can help you see how to manifest greater leadership abilities, how to grow and expand in your current position, and how to strengthen your personal power and confidence – regardless of what job you have. Tarot cuts through our fear and worry to reveal the truth that lies beyond the mind. Tarot taps us into the other side of the brain where creativity, emotional truth and spiritual connection lies. Each of us came here to improve our own wisdom and evolve our soul by learning and developing in certain ways emotionally. The tarot can help us see the ways in which we can take responsibility for our own perceptions, what we allow in our lives and the excuses we make for living in less than our fullest potential. The tarot can guide us to live from our heart and not from our ego so that we can find true contentment and stop chasing empty dreams contrived by bottom-line driven marketing schemes that program us to think we need to achieve certain benchmarks socially in order to have self-acceptance.

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