What is Arogya Setu Application?

Arogya Setu Application

Know what is Arogya Setu Application?

Know what is Arogya Setu Application and why is it necessary to install the whole country? Many of you installed this Application. But you thought that was nonsense. You must have uninstalled it as well. My dear friends Install Arogya Setu app again. Modi ji has requested you four times because of some specific reasons.

Now know about the App..

  1. This app asks you something like if you have a cough

2- Do you have fever?

3- Do you have trouble breathing

4- Surely you will write ——-its not

5- After that you will be seen in Green Zone

Now you would think, there is nothing in this app. It is complete nonsense. No my dear friends. its not.

  • This app tells to keep blue tooth and location on.
  • You always keep it on whenever you go to the crowded place.

This app will ask you some questions like

Do you have fever of cold and cough?

Do you have trouble breathing?

Surely you will write —its not

After that you will be seen in Green Zone

  • This app keeps sending messages from nearby mobile phones with blue tooth.
  • When you are standing next to someone, you also belong to the green zone.
  • The person standing nearby is also a normal person with a green zone.
  • But if that person becomes corona positive for some reason after 10 days from today, then this app will alert you immediately and your green color will change to orange or yellow. It will say you went to the dairy 10 days before taking milk. The guy with the blue shirt. She is now corona positive. That is, 10 days ago he had a hidden infection which is now clearly visible.
  • Now make your inquiry immediately. Also this app will give information to all those people. With everyone’s location on, their movement will also be known and fighting corona would be easy
  • The day millions of people install it. It will ring you as soon as you go to any Orange Zone person. This will alert you of the hot spot by alarm so that you change the way

Dear Friends ..

If Modi ji has requested 4 times, it cannot be a useless app. Kindly Obey you PM.

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