What is corona virus and its secret?

corona virus

What is corona virus and its secret? Those who read Dean R. Kuntz

What is corona virus and its secret? Those who read Dean R. Kuntz know how much thrill and suspense are in their books, but these days the book The Eyes of Darkness has suddenly become in great demand and one of the reasons is the contagious disease of the corona.

This book, written around 1981

Actually, this book, written around 1981, mentions an infection and has been named Wuhan 400. That is, about 40 years ago, the virus was mentioned in the book. This work of an American begins with a mother who sends her child with a tracking team, but the entire crew is killed. Later on, after several indications, this mother is searching for her child to be alive or not and she learns a lot about those biological weapons from American and Chinese countries.

What is corona virus and its secret? Most surprising thing in the book is

The wonders associated with writing in this entire book are in their place but the most surprising thing is that the world is worried about the corona virus, not only does the book mention about it but also the origin of China. It refers to the same Wuhan province from which the virus has actually spread.

The book mentions a person named Li Chen

The book mentions a person named Li Chen who steals information about an ambitious biological weapon project of China and gives it to the US. Through this, China wants to gain the power to clear the territory of any country in any corner of the world, but American agencies are hardly able to find the right to break this dangerous biological weapon.

The reason for placing the Wuhan 400 code is

The reason for placing the Wuhan 400 code is given in the book that it was built on the outskirts of Wuhan province and 400 was added to the code because it was the 400th such weapon prepared in this lab. It is also amazing that it has been compared to other viruses in the book, and the one that is most closely compared to it has all the symptoms of the dreaded Ebola virus, ie the two major threats that the world has faced in the recent past. Mention is included in this.

If you follow the logic of the book ,

If you follow the logic of the book, then this virus is not able to survive outside the human body even for a minute and by preparing such infectious virus it would be easy for the invading country to capture because the virus infection will end with humans. Also happens. Many facts of this thriller novel are shocking, but now the efforts mentioned in this book are continuing to find solutions to this dangerous difficulty.

 As scientists are also paying great attention to the fact that the kind of behavior of this virus has been told, can any of them be made the basis to control it? This book by Kuntz states that all viruses die instantly as soon as the body temperature reaches 86 degrees F or less after the death of the infected person.

Those who read this book are not only amateur book lovers, but research, pharmaceutical companies and medical personalities have also joined, finally to save the world from a ‘new’ threat which is now on the verge of becoming an epidemic. But which was mentioned by Kuntz in 1981 itself.


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