What is Meditation or dhyan?


What is Meditation or dhyan? – Living in the present is meditation. Concentration is not meditation. The basic meaning of meditation is awareness, awareness, awareness, witnessing and vision. Meditation does not mean concentration. Concentration is like a spotlight of a flashlight that focuses only on one place, but meditation is like a bulb that spreads light in all four directions.

Kriya is not meditation/ dhyan.

Many people mistake actions to understand meditation/ dhyan, while kriyas are methods of awakening meditation. There is a difference between method/vidhi and meditation/dhyan. Action/kriya is not a means. The verb is a tool. Action/kriya is like a broom. Even sitting with eyes closed is not meditation. It is not a meditation to remember an idol. Chanting the garland is also not meditation/dhyan. Meditation is freedom from actions. Freedom from thoughts.

In meditation, the senses with the mind, the mind with the intellect, and the intellect in their nature, are absorbed. Those who do not understand the witness or the sense of vision should initially practice meditation and close the eyes. Then when the practice is increased, the eyes are closed or open, the seeker remains connected with his form and finally he can remain in the state of meditation while doing some work in the condition of witnessing.

Why Meditation?

Meditation is important to be healthy. Hypertension is carefully controlled. Headache is relieved. Immunity develops in the body. Meditation increases stability in the body. This stability strengthens the body.

Meditation is essential for modern man because meditation keeps the mind and brain calm. Meditation does not cause stress. There is also no nervousness, fear and many types of disorders in the heart. Meditation removes the cloud of emotion and thoughts from your senses and makes you pure in the present. The practice of meditation increases awareness. The meditator gives up living mechanically.

Meditation helps to see and understand the present.

Meditation helps to see and understand the present. By increasing the ability to see pure, the conscience will be awakened. Consciousness will increase due to awareness. With the increase of consciousness, there will be a feeling of leaving the body in death. After leaving the body, birth will be in your fist. This is the importance of meditation. Except meditation, all other remedies are just pranches. The learned people say that in the list of getting everything in life, put yourself above all. Do not miss yourself. 70 years pass like seventy seconds.

As humans, the level of sensations is falling, it has started living an animal life. All kinds of animalistic tendencies have increased in today’s man. Families are breaking up, violence, rape and jealousy levels have risen. Man is now living at the bottom of the body. The reason for all this is that man has gone away from himself. Meditation connects you to yourself. Connects with the soul and makes it sensitive and loving. The world today needs more love, humor and sensations. Meditation is like fire. Evils are burnt in it.

How to meditate

How to meditate? It is like asking how to breathe, how to live life, how to live or how to love. You may be asked the question, do you learn to laugh and cry or ask how to cry or laugh? Meditation is our nature, which we have lost in the glare of the world.

Initial elements to meditate-

1. Speed ​​of belief

2. Psychic movements

3. Goal of meditation and

4. Live consciously

If you pay attention to the above four, then you will learn to meditate.

Focus only on the speed of breathing

Focus only on the speed of breathing ie dropping and taking. During this time, you should also pay attention to your mental movements as if one thought or thought came and then another thought came and went. Look at you and understand why I am thinking in vain?

In meditation and aim, you should aim to look consciously while meditating. Do not live mechanically. Keep listening to the second number. Note, notice that among the many voices outside, there is a sound that continues continuously – such as the sound of the plane sound, the sound like the sound of fen or the pronunciation of ॐ as someone is doing. That is, the sound of silence. Similarly, the voice continues inside the body. pay attention. Try to listen and see the darkness in front of closed eyes. This is called formless meditation.

Living consciously means that you are really living in meditation?

Living consciously means that you are really living in meditation? kindly note that living in meditation is the most difficult task. The person remains conscious for a few moments and then lives again mechanically. Meditation is to leave the life of this mechanical life.

Like you are driving, but do you have full attention that ‘you’ are driving.

Where are your hands,

where are your feet

and where are you looking.

Then what you are seeing is completely conscious that you are seeing that also on this earth.

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