What to do If someone is breaking your trust?

Yes, If someone is breaking your trust, what to do? confused hmmm?

Anyways, let’s come. We understand, how is it happens?

What to do, If someone is breaking your trust?

Let me tell you a true story. A lady came to me and shared her problem.

  • Her problem was –


(What to do If someone is breaking your trust?)

“Someone has broken my trust. I am feeling heartbroken now. I adore him like a brother, still it happened. Now i am unable to trust anyone. As he is my brother, i can not share this to him, that is why sharing with you” can you help.

So, i decided to help her and started guiding. ??


(What to do If someone is breaking your trust?)

Firstly, I noticed her problem.

“Trust”, this word has a wide range. It is internal. It makes the relationships better. It is connected to our emotions.

Her story started from Trust. Let’s understand this first.

Offcourse, the breaking of trust is heartbreaking for sentimental people.

As per that Lady, her borther had broken her trust. There could be these possible reasons.

The Reasons –

  • 1- The Lady is seeing the coin’s one side only. May be Unwrapping the another one shows her the positive picture.
  • 2- It may be possible that she is very emotional person that’s why feeling heartbroken ?.

My Dear Readers, ?

What do you think?

And What is the solution?


Let me tell you.?

Basically, this is not important, who has broken your trust. It can be related to our past karmas, may be the present one.

But the point is, if any person breaks your trust and you stops trusting others too. This is the point or stage need to think about. Here, this is the key point where you have to work. You cannot give the remote of yours in other’s hand.

My dear friends, you must not be so tearful due to this, which affects your mental health.

Dear Friends,

If it is happening, this is the point where you have to be serious about your emotional state, which can affect your mental health too. And ofcourse, the mental health will surely affect your physical fitness. You need to work upon yourself, your emotional imbalance state.

Example –

Let’s take an example

We have 5 fingers in our hand ?️. No one is same. Similarly, all the living being on this planet are unique.

We all are here to work upon ourselves. To grow, to improve our soul and to give/ serve others and nature.

Dekhiye, Shrishti ka niyam bilkul saaf hai. Jo diya hai wapis ayega.

If you gave the valuable TRUST, or do any positive karma, the universe will pay you for the same. The abundance will be in your lap.

In any stage of your life, If someone is breaking your trust or doing something bad that also will be repaid.

But, if you forgive others, you can skip this game of lena – dena of karmas.

The law of universe will be the same but persons will be changed. Only if you forgive, you meditate, you learn to be happy from inside. We can say in SUKUN.

It is only emotional clinginess which is bounding us, hurting us and making you uneasy. Because imbalance is always harmful. Now see, if you cook, excess salt or less salt, both makes our dishes tasteless.

That lady was in pain because she was in emotional clinginess and imbalance emotional state.

The Psycology says, mental, physical health is important. Similarly EQ Emotional quotient. It is the ability to sense emotions in youself and in another people. It should be in balanced state.

Look, I am not saying, not to be emotional for anyone. I am just saying to be balanced.

Just, forgive others. Only forgiveness and positive mind can help us in maintaining our mental, emotional, physical health.

We wish for all our readers positive health, mindset and healthy aura. We pray for you all the best.

Prayers for you ??
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