WHY is more important than WHAT

why is more important

WHY is more important than WHAT.

What is happening is not a biggest question. An important point is why it is happening?  We all focus on WHAT instead of the reason WHY? That’s why we couldn’t find the solution. So we have to understand that WHY is more important than WHAT.

A very fine organism of the universe has repulsed mankind (only and only mankind) in the entire world and closed it in the houses.

Such a weapon has come in this universe that even the best intellect of mankind is unable to understand.

The strike is very deadly, but more than that, that tiny creature has made mankind its vehicle.

Even today, mankind is performing the same prayers and acts of thankfulness to the people…

We have to be completely separated because we are only part of the universe here; we also have a big responsibility…

WHY is more important than WHAT


*What is the plan…..*

It’s easy….

* Apology *

We all associate our few lonely moments with ourselves… * Forgiveness of our bad (knowing / unknowingly / destined / by words / deeds) from that high universe (God, God, God, Waheguru, Jesus). * Ask.

* I have done anything contrary to the rules of the universe to anyone, O Brandon, forgive me … and no one has done anything contrary to the rules of the universe towards me, O Brandon, forgive him also *.

… With faith and reverence, this * apology * will be the best * prayer * today. …

You all know that the universe never does anything wrong, but it is what it wants to do … * CORONA * has also originated from mankind itself, to give lessons.

 He only wants to follow the rules of mankind only and only by making it.

* Apology * is the essential deed of mankind, every moment  now and continue to walk according to the rules.

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