Why we should have positive thinking?

positive thinking

Why we should have positive thinking?

Why we should have positive thinking? There must have been some scientific reason to shed bones in the Ganges, which we have not yet understood. Since the general public cannot understand science, the society was motivated to do so by giving religious reasons.

Why does the Ganges water remain holy?

Why does the Ganges water remain holy and holy even after immersion of bones. After all, why do the bones dumped in the Ganges disappear after some time? What is the scientific reason behind this, after searching till Gangasagar, the answer to this question could not be found yet.

According to scientists, bacteria called bacteriophages present in river water do not let harmful micro-organisms present in Ganga water survive, that is, these bacteria destroy bacteria that spread dirt and disease. Due to this, the Ganges water does not rot.

No matter how beautiful you are?

Because langurs and gorillas also attract attention of people.

No matter how huge and strong your body is?

Because you cannot carry yourself to the crematorium.

No matter how tall you are,

But you cannot see tomorrow.

No matter how fair and glowing your skin is.

Because light is needed in the dark.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t laugh, you will be called civilized?

Because the world stands up to laugh at “you”.

No matter how rich you are? Do you have dozens of cars?

Because you have to walk to the bathroom of the house.

When a person’s mind is united with the soul

When a person’s mind is united with the soul, then he gets the purity of the soul, eternal bliss and peace, heavenly happiness, all his karmic bonds are cut off and he gets all the qualities of the soul, full of gratitude and joy and fulfillment. As soon as this happens, in a moment, there is a feeling of peaceful peace in his mind and he feels as if he is very much of his births. After giving journey reached the residence of your home that is divine Ouch! What an indescribable state it is, it cannot be expressed with words.

।।सम्मुख होत जीव मोहि जबहीं,जन्म कोटि अघनासहुं तबही।।

Whenever the person is alive, when he is born, he is not born.

As soon as it dissolves with the Supreme Consciousness, it attains the highest state of samyajya samadhi, but from my own experience the mind dissolves in the soul is sufficient. An ant can enjoy the sweet taste of sugar as long as it is the sugar itself Is not close to the mountain when it itself becomes a mountain. However, when the mind dissolves in the soul, eventually it has to dissolve itself in the omnipotent God, for whom it is always craving. It is said that “Brahmavid Brahmav Bhavati” means one who knows Brahma himself becomes Brahm.

Effects of positive and negative thinking. Why we should have positive thinking?

Thoughts can be positive and negative also depends on how our thoughts are. If our thoughts are positive then reality will be positive otherwise if our thoughts are negative then it will destroy our own and the world, so our thoughts are always positive. You should only look at the latest example, how much loss is happening in the world due to negative thoughts of China Stem has apocalypse

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