Why your prayer unheard and what’s the right way?


Why your prayer unheard and what’s the right way

What is prayer?

It is a prayer to say God’s heart. With this, the person tries to please him or others. By the way, tantra, mantra, meditation, and chanting are also a form of prayer. Prayer works at a small level, and because of this, there are changes in your nature. There are some reasons why your prayer unheard and what’s the right way to prayer

If you make many prayers together many people, then they are more effective. When praying together, nature changes rapidly.

Why your prayer unheard of?

Humans sometimes think that he is doing a lot of prayer to God but he is not being listened to. If you are in this situation, then we tell you that sometimes why the prayers fail. First of all, understand that business and transaction-like prayers also fail.

There are some reasons for the failure of prayer or why your prayer unheard of , such as:

– Due to the lack of control over diet and behaviour, prayer fails

– Do not respect parents, prayer fails

– Prayer fails even if you are being harmed by prayer

– Irrelevant prayer also fails

Rules of prayer

Proper prayer brings miraculous changes in life.

– Prayers should be done simply and cleanly and should be easily spoken.

It is best to pray in a quiet environment.

– Prayer is accepted quickly, especially in the middle of the night.

It is good to pray the prayer at the same time every day.

– Do not do the same for the loss of others or non-irrational prayers.

– Think about it before praying for another and then start the prayer.

If you follow these rules, believe that your prayer is money or children or you have a job, it will be there definitely.

How to pray

After getting the reason why your prayers unheard. Now it is necessary to know how to pray.

To accept your prayer for your sake, you should pray with some rules. Learn about these rules:

– First, sit in a secluded place

After that, keep your spinal cord straight

– Then, first of all, focus your fate, guru or god

– After that, do whatever you want to do.

– Keep your prayers confidential

– Whenever you get a chance, keep repeating your prayers.

If you pray with a sincere heart in these ways, then you will surely be satisfied.

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