You want to overcome fear and life problems ?

You want to overcome fear and life problems ?

You want to overcome fear and life problems ?

Many people have fear in their life. Many of them are in circle of different types of problems.  They want the solution of these problems. Do you really want to know How to overcome fear and do you want to overcome life problems ?

Please Find the Solutions for the problems of your life –

Point 1. -You want to overcome fear and life problems ?

In the house, or business place, by putting five panes in Surya honey, the business will be reduced in antagonism.

Point 2.

Those children who wake up at night put small iron leaves (vegetable cut knives) under their head.

Point 3.

If a person gets upset in the night, then keep Hanuman Chalisa under his head and wash his hands properly after sleeping.

Point 4.  

Applying saltwater in the home or commercial place, if there is a nuisance in the home and less on the fear of death.

Point 5.

Do not spend too much time with people with negative thinking, but do not discuss any new plans related to them.

Point 6.

 Never in front of the judge in the Court, should the chest bare and the head not be covered.

Point 7.

Spend a piece of good or sweet cheese at the place of the pods once a week |

Point 8.

Put copper coins in moving water |

Point 9.

Have at least pictures of goddesses in the house.

Point 10.

Do not divide any picture or statue of any goddess god.

Point 11. You want to overcome fear and life problems ?

Due to the night in the house, keep the worship site covered with curtains.

We hope this information is useful to you all  and it will surely benefit you  in many ways.

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2 thoughts on “You want to overcome fear and life problems ?

  1. Someone break my trust i beleived him as big brother now I can’t trust on anyone did you have any ans for it as a brother I am not telling him anything

  2. Dear Mrs. Khandelwal,?

    Thank you for contacting us.??

    We would like to help you in this regard.✌?

    “Trust”, this word has a wide range. Offcourse, the breaking of trust is heartbreaking for emotional people.

    As per you, your borther had broken your trust. There can be these possible reasons.

    1- You are seeing the coin’s one side only. May be Unwrapping the another one show you the positive picture.

    2- May be you are very emotional person that’s why feeling heartbroken.

    Dear Harsha, ?

    This is not important, who has broken your trust. It can be related to our past karmas, may be the present one.

    But point is, if any person breaks your trust, you stops trusting others too.

    This is the key point.

    If it is happening, this is the point to work upon yourself, your emotional imbalance.

    Anyways, listen, we have 5 fingers in our hand. No one is same. Similarly, all the living being on this planets, all are unique.

    We all are here to work upon ourselves and to give others and nature.

    Shrishti ka niyam bilkul saaf hai. Jo diya hai wapis ayega.

    You gave the valuable thing TRUST, it’s positive, universe will pay you the same.

    If someone is breaking your trust that also will be repayed.

    But, if you forgive, the law will be same but persons can be changed.

    It is only emotional clinginess which is bounding you, hurting you and making you uneasy.

    You are in pain because you are in emotional clinginess and imbalance.

    I am not saying, not to be emotional for anyone. I am just saying to be balanced.

    Just, forgive others. Only forgiveness and positive mind can help you in this regard.

    We wish for your positive mindset and healthy aura. We pray for you the best.

    Prayers for you ??
    Healings for you?


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