Free Vedic Tarot Card Reading


When we teach or tell the people about Vedic tarot cards, the first question arises that what are tarot cards and how do they work. The easiest way to understand Vedic tarot cards and its tarot or card  reading prediction is to understand the types of tarot cards first.

Here the Vedic tarot card reading is based on a scientific system which works on the logic. When we select the cards for tarot card reading/prediction, it makes the combination of such numbers which gives an answer to your query and planets makes a position which gives you accuracy in the original tarot prediction.

In Vedic cards here originally is a deck consisting of 72 cards. These 72 cards have been divided into 12 cards of zodiac signs of yellow color and another 12 cards for divinity in red color. Remaining 48 cards are the cards of houses and blue in color. To get the answer to your question you need to pick the red card first then blue cards and after that yellow card in the sequence as instruction will be given on the website. Your picked cards will make a combination of numerology and astrological planetary position. Our expert tarot card reader interprets your cards and gives you an answer to your question. Believe me, it gives you accurate card prediction as this system is based on science and logic.


Here, on our website we offer you the free service for Free Vedic Card Reading. If you have any question or Query in your mind you can ask by writing the question in “WRITE YOUR QUESTION” box and selecting the vedic cards. 

What kind of queries can be handled through Vedic card Reading?
1.👉 When will I get married?
2.👉 When will I buy a new car?
3.👉 Will i get admission in good college?
4.👉 Is my partnership with person A going to be fruitful?
5.👉 When my mother recover from illness?
or any question you have in your mind.

Terms and Conditions to get Free Vedic card Reading :-
1.👉 The free reading will be provided to genuine people. Please ask only serious question for accurate reading. 
2.👉 Only one question will be answered. 
3. 👉 Person has to provide right email address for correspondence. 
4.👉 Answer will be provided by Reader. 

My Promise for you.

"I will keep your data completely confidential and not share with anyone. I will put my my personal efforts, time and attention to read your cards and provide you a much better guidance through the system i learned from my guru. "
astrologer and tarot card reader swati
Astrologer and Vedic Card Reader

Free Vedic Card Reading-

Note- ✍️
1- Please provide right E-mail address for correspondence.
2- Please ask only serious question for accurate reading.
3- Opt single question for one time Vedic Card selection.
For second question select the cards again.